Temporary protective measures against avalanches have grown enormously in importance over the past few years. Compared to permanent constructional mitigation measures, today controlled-release of avalanches in small portions from the avalanche fracture zones are being introduced increasingly. Modern remote-controlled blasting installations allow triggering even during snowfall or in the night if necessary. Naturally, with this benefit, the requirements for detection systems that are independent of visibility for verification of successful blasting are also increasing. Furthermore, when avalanches are registered, alarms can be set off and transport routes blocked with traffic lights as well as general information collected about avalanche activity, which could give important indications for avalanche warning.

Thanks to technological advances in recent years, reliable and low-maintenance systems for monitoring and alarming are available.

We offer different avalanche detection systems. There are systems for specific and exact monitoring of individual avalanche paths (LARA), systems for pure verification directly close to the blasting installation (SARA) and monitoring of larger areas form a central location (IDA).

The new platform for integrated display of different detection systems (PIA) gives the avalanche commission a simplified overview as a basis for decision-making.



Reliable and precise monitoring of spontaneous and controlled triggered avalanches in one or neighbouring avalanches with alarm features within a range of 2 km.


Large area monitoring for the verification of the avalanche forecast and avalanche control as well as an early warning index when the general avalanche activity is rising.


This device can be installed optinolly directly on the deployment box of the avalanche tower to monitor the effective range of the avalanche tower within a range of 300 to 500 m.


To monitor endangered areas in order to make sure no people are exposed to controlled released avalanches if visibility is poor.

Category Preventive Avalanche triggering Alarm systems Avalanche warning
Detection system Verification of the releasing result Closing traffic lines in case of an event Verification of the avalanche forecast
IDA ®Infrasound Detection of Avalanches depends on distance n.a. very good
LARA ®Long Range Avalanche Radar good very good possible
SARA ®Short Range Avalanche Radar very good n.a. possible
Seismic systems: Seismometer, Geophones good good possible
Mechanical Systems: Rip cord, rope with pendulums very good
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