In Winter 2015/16 different technologies for avalanche detection and people tracking have been installed in collaboration with our partners.

LARA – Long Range Avalanche Radar for monitoring avalanches at long distancees up to 2 km. One of these doppler radar systems is installed in the Engadin valley for verifying the results of remote controlled avalanche releasing.

SARA – Short Range Avalanche Radar with a detection range of appr. 300 m is installed directly on the Avalanche Tower’s deployment box. Last winter one installation in Saas Fee at the Mischabel area at appr. 3’400 m to protect the village of Saas fee. Another one has been installed on an Avalanche Tower at the Wilerbach Avalanche in Blitzingen to protect a railway and road. Both systems have worked well in the first winter of operation in 2015/16.

IDA – Infrasound Detection of Avalanches systems were installed 4 in Switzerland and two in Norway. Depending on the type avalanches produce infrasound which can be measured and sophisticated algorithms allow to analyze the approsimate location of starting and end points as well as avalanche speed.

PETRA – People Tracking Radar was installed close to an Avalanche Tower to make sure no back country skiers are close when before the deployment of the detonation is being carried out. A sesond system is installed in the ski resort of Zermatt to monitor the endangered area and make sure no humans are present before releasing avalanches.

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