Wyssen sets the state-of-the-art standard with it’s new webbased operations software WAC.3. The hardware for the electronics control for the proven Wyssen Avalanche Tower has been upgraded as well. After a development of almost two years we have been able to develop a user friendly and intuitiv operations interface.

Thanks to the connection via mobile network (radio connection as an alternative or back-up) all devices can be monitored all around the clock. This allows a preventiv troubleshooting service. The Wyssen Avalanche Tower has been known to be the most reliable system in the past and with this new option it’s availability will become even stronger. We contact our clients before a system failure arises.

The possability to release more than one system simultaneously leads to a significant saving of operation time. This is an important advantage when avalanche control work is done for roads or railways where closures have to be kept as short as possible. Especially with railway protection only short time windows are available due to tight train schedules.

For the concept in total and the single components in detail a risk analysis has been carried out and an extensive assement by the TUEV showed that highest standards of safety are fulfilled.

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