The charge carrier for 2 or 4 charges improves the efficiency of blasting cableways. The device is fixed onto the hanger of the cableway and transported by the cableway to the detonation point. Triggering takes place using a normal portable radio transceiver. After actuation of the orange release button, the charge can be dropped by pressing the trigger button.

After the detonation, the retaining line can be dropped using the same button, so that supports can be by-passed without any problem. During the fall, a double ignition occurs and the charge detonates on the retaining cable while suspended over the snow cover. The blasting height over the snow can be varied by the length of the retaining line.



  • blasting above the snow
  • massive saving of time by reduction of the number of runs
  • weather-independent and rapid triggering
  • the device can be used in several cableways
  • low weight of 11 kg or 16 kg respectively
  • no personnel in the danger zone
Motorola GP 340 VHF – EN 2

Radio telephone for triggering the charge dropper

Technical Data


Charge Dropper LA2-5 LA4-5
Weight (without charges) 11 kg 16 kg
Dimensions (l x b x h) 608 mm x 160 mm x 538 mm 1037 mm x 160 mm x 538 mm

Loading capacity

Charge Carrier LA2-5 LA4-5
No of charges per carrier 2 pcs. 4 pcs.
Explosive per charge 2…5 kg 2…5 kg

Power Supply

Charge Carrier LA2-5 LA4-5
Battery 12V 12 V

Mechanical System

Drive 12VDC linear drive
Deployment mechanism slider bar

Data transmission

Radio transceiver in device Motorola GP 340 VHF
Radio trancseiver on operator Motorola GP340, 360, 380, 388, etc.
Transmitting-Frequency 170MHz range
Approval for radios to be approved per country
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