For a complete avalanche risk mitigation project knowledge from various disciplines is required. After the need for action for protective measures of a threatened area has been approved, risk analysis, planning of measures, cost-benefit analysis and analysis of effectiveness and choice of system have to be undertaken in the planning phase. A concept for safety and communication is to be drawn up and the process for approvals carried out.

In the implementation phase the finances have to be arranged and the measures implemented. This includes commissioning builders and suppliers, procurement, installation and starting up installations as well as organisation and enrolling the avalanche commission.

Finally there is the operational phase, where the continuous data collection and situation analysis with hazard evaluation and temporary protective measures such as closure, evacuation, preventive release of avalanches and finally lifting of the measures follow. In-depth and comprehensive documentation of the data collection and decision-making are essential.

Maintenance and repair of the installations is also very important. In branches or regions where avalanche commission activity has not yet been established, the above tasks can be an almost insurmountable challenge. If an appropriate organisation and trained and experienced specialists are lacking, we can offer this as a part of the service. For time-limited protection requirements, e.g. during construction projects, this concept is a valuable option as well.

Put this demanding job in the hands of experts who have been dealing with this subject for years. Our team consists of specialists who have been handling these tasks for decades. Together with people who know the local conditions, we assemble a team that can relieve you of “avalanche worries”.

Wyssen Risk Solutions, your partner for complete solutions in risk management of avalanche hazards. The offer consists of different modules. We will draw up a suitable offer individually for you.

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Technical equipment

Blasting installations, weather stations, detection systems, service

Operation of installations

Reloading, transportation, warehousing

Operating the installations

Triggering of blasting etc.

Avalanche commission

Determination of blastingtimes, closure times, documentation


Installations and operation


Preparation of an individual concept for your area

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