To monitor endangered areas in order to make sure no people are exposed to controlled released avalanches if visibility is poor.

Functional  principle The Doppler radar sends out electromagnetic waves which are reflected by objectives. The frequency of reflected radiation of moving objects is different to the one sent out (Doppler Effect). This effect is being used for avalanche detection. The data is sent to a server for processing an visualizing. Run out distance and size of avalanche can be determined within an rough precision.
Setup The radar installation is installed so that the area to be monitored is within its visibility and range. It can be mounted at a mast or building. Usually an optical or thermal imaging camera are combined in order to be able to determine whether the radar detected a human or animal.
Display fully integrated in our Wyssen Avalanche Control Center WAC.3®
Range approx. 300 / 800 / 1’200 m (985 / 2.625 / 3.940 ft), depending on model
Opening angle 90° x 20° / 10°
Communication Mobile phone network
Power supply electric grid, solar or fuel cell

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