New Tools bring modernization to the avalanche service

In cooperation with our customers (ski resorts, municipalities, railways and roads), we have advanced the development of new software tools for avalanche service practitioners in recent years. In the winter season 22/23, both the presentation and the sequences in the WAC.3® Cockpit were optimized. These new developments allow a simple modernization of the avalanche service.

Cockpit 2.0_9
Cockpit 2.0_5

Cockpit 2.0 - Innovations

Based on the input of our customers and the experience of recent years, various components have been brought up to date with the latest technology. This allows for an updated presentation and new functions for the 2022/23 season as well as future innovations.

You can find more information about the cockpit and the modules here:

The view of the new cockpit 2.0:

Final acceptance of construction work of avalanche towers in Sils, Engadin
Construction of avalanche towers, photo credit: Caprez Ingenieure

Project Sils in Engadin

A current example of the integration of various data sources is the Sils project in the Engadin. Weather data, snow depth laser scans in the break-in area, cameras and much more flow together in the WAC.3® Cockpit. This provides the local avalanche service with an optimal basis for deciding when the six newly installed avalanche towers will be triggered in order to actively control the avalanche hazard and thus reduce the road closure times to a minimum.

More information and background information can be found in the report “Measures to increase the road safety of the Maloja road between Sils-Föglias and Plaun da Lej” from the canton of Graubünden:


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