Review winter 2023/24

8463 Avalanche Control Missions, over 3300 Avalanche Detections and 24/7 availability for the best customer service and highest standard of safety in the industry!

We look back on a very eventful and successful winter season. For this we let the numbers speak:

Here are the totals on an overview:

*The numbers given were collected worldwide.

The figures compared to the previous year

Season 2023/24 Season 2022/23
Number of Avalanche Control Missions 8463 5488
...of which with 2K® charges 1562 613
Number of avalanche detections 3373 1848
IDA® Detections 1538 1739
GINA® Detections 72 109
Total number of Avalanche Towers 852 793
...of which LS24-5 11 5
...of which LS6-5 34 25
Number of LIA® Laser Scanners 38 39
Number of weather stations 49 31
Troubleshooting services 100% successful 100% successful
Calls to the 24/7 service hotline 173 147
Operational cockpits in use 73 50
Closed Risk Evaluations 4977 3799
Number of documented notes 32'841 17'368

Many thanks!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers and partners for their loyalty and trust. Thanks to your valuable input and requests, our systems and our service are constantly being optimized. We are looking forward to continued cooperation and exciting projects. We wish everyone a wonderful and relaxing summer.

Your Wyssen-Team