Blasting without explosives: Unlike traditional explosive charges, which can be ignited at anytime, the Wyssen 2K® becomes an explosive material only moments before use. This creates an incredibly safe and easy to handle charge. Additionally 2K® has many advantages during transport and storage.


222 of all avalanche controls were triggered with the new 2K® charge in the winter season 2020/21.

Technical Data

  • Suitable for all Wyssen Avalanche Towers, LS12-5 und LS6-5
  • Total explosive substance: 4.2 kg
  • Ignition in mixed condition: Detonator Nr. 8, 2 per charge
  • Increased safety due to contained safety fuse in the charge container
  • Detonators face each other in order to mutually detonate themselves
  • The charge becomes inactive if there is no detonation
  • Easy and safe transport
  • Easy to mount and to handle

Wyssen 2K® Charge - Movie

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