WAC.3® Cockpit


The big plus of the new cockpit platform is how easy it is to use. I don’t want to have to spend hours looking for important data on different program levels. This applies to the weather and status check I perform I every morning; I can prioritize the relevant sources and logs as well as any applications that I might only access every couple of weeks. Even with staff changing frequently or being new on the job, they can very quickly find their way; this is really very important for providing current information and for internal communication via WAC3®.”

Serafin Siegele
Slope manager of the Silvretta Seilbahnen and head of the Ischgl-Idalpe avalanche commission


It’s always astonishing how much time our customers spend every day collecting data and documenting. The aim of the cockpit is to reduce these important tasks to just a few clicks. This should give our customers more time for their actual work: making careful decisions and implementing what they decide.”

Benjamin Meier, R&D Software and Hardware


Samling av alle teknologier, systemer og informasjon i én plattform.


All modules with description in the following overview:

Practitioners must collect and assess a large amount of information in a very short time. The integration of the relevant information on a single platform is therefore the logical next step and it is precisely this interface that represents the great added value of the WAC3® cockpits.”

Walter Steinkogler
CEO Wyssen Canada Inc., CEO Wyssen USA Inc. and international coordination

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